How to set up UCF on dolphin?

How to set up UCF on dolphin?

$Universal Controller Fix v0.66 BETA
C20C9A44 0000001B
A09F03E8 2C044000
408200C4 808DAEB4
C03F0620 C05F2344
EC2100B2 C044003C
FC011040 4C411382
408200A4 C05F0624
EC210072 EC4200B2
EC21102A 3C803F67
38840A3D 909F002C
C05F002C FC011040
4C411382 40820078
88BF0670 2C050002
4080006C 38000001
901F2358 901F2340
889F221F 54840739
41A20014 809F1A94
2C040006 40820008
FC000050 889F0007
2C04000A 40A20038
80830010 8084002C
80841ECC D0040018
80A40018 3D803F80
7C056000 41820010
38A00080 98A40006
4800000C 38A0007F
98A40006 D01F002C
60000000 00000000
C20998A4 00000010
28060001 41820070
8063002C C0030620
C0230624 EC210072
EC000032 EC00082A
3C803F6D 388428F6
9081FFF8 C021FFF8
FC000840 4C411382
4082003C 88830670
2C040003 40810030
C005002C FC000050
C0230624 FC000840
4080001C 8061001C
38630008 83E10014
38210018 7C6803A6
4E800020 7FC3F378
8083002C 00000000
04099864 7C661B79


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